Pre-Immigration Tax Planning for Foreign Individuals
Offshore Private Placement Life Insurance can help you protect your money

International Private Placement Life Insurance (“PPLI”) Benefits You By Creating a Tax-Exempt and Creditor-Proof Barrier Around Your Wealth.

We advise citizens and residents of other countries who intend to establish residency in the United States. We advise you as to the income and estate tax consequences of establishing residency in the United States and alternative strategies for minimizing the overall tax consequences, including creating domestic or offshore trusts which own PPLI.
Offshore carriers offer customized policies fully compliant with U.S. tax rules and fully entitled to the preferential tax treatment that life insurance enjoys. Read More...
PPLI is an income as well as an estate tax-free investment environment, in which you enjoy flexibility with regard to it's investments. Investments which are 100% protected against creditors. Read More..
PPLIs are investment vehicles. You can use your own investment advisor.
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